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An internship is the performance of an activity in a company or institution, which serves to prepare you for and/or to complement a university course. Below some information on this:

  • Internships are a compulsory element of various courses at Paderborn University. Some internships need to be completed before you start your course (e.g. Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering); others can be completed during your course. You can find more information on this on the detailed Degree programmes A-Z pages.
  • Compulsory internships which must be completed before you start your course may be eligible for a BAföG federal student grant or loan. Further information can be obtained from the BAföG office.
  • In addition to the compulsory internships pursuant to the examination regulations, students can also choose to undertake an optional internship. This is especially recommended for courses that do not include a compulsory internship (e.g. all Business Administration and Economics courses and some Arts and Humanities courses).
  • If you wish to take an internship semester, you can find information on the possibility of a leave of absence registrar’s office.
  • Students can apply for an Erasmus scholarship to help support them with an internship abroad.
Storage compartments (Source: Paderborn University, Cinderella Welz)
Links to search for internships

Links to search for internships

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