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Social, sporting and cultural activities at Paderborn University

In addition to first-rate research and teaching facilities, Paderborn University offers a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. Students can also choose to volunteer and/or to participate in various student societies and initiatives, and thereby meet fellow students.
The university town in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region has something for everyone: In addition to theatres and cinemas, the city’s annual “Libori” festival and a multitude of attractive sports facilities, Paderborn also boasts a wealth of beauty spots, including Lippesee Lake and the Paderquellgebiet springs, perfect for some time out; a long bike ride out to the nearby Sauerland region is also a pleasant way to relax. Paderborn and its stunning surrounding countryside have much to offer.

We have put together some suggestions for you of things to do and places to visit in your free time (the university cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites):

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