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Working while studying

Studying doesn’t come cheap! Not all students can rely on the financial support of their parents, and even then, this support is often not enough. 61% of students have to work both during the semester break and during semester time (see 21st social survey conducted by the German National Association for Student Affairs (DSW) in 2016). If you would also like to earn some extra money, the following Paderborn University platforms can help you find a job: 

Have you thought about how much money you need? Exactly how much are your monthly outgoings? To get realistic figures, you need an overview of the average costs of studying. When choosing a job, consider which type of additional income (e.g. temp work during the semester break, permanent part-time work throughout your entire degree etc.) works best for you and will fit around your studies. Please remember that you may need non-working (study) phases for internships and examinations during your degree. The German National Association for Student Affairs (DSW) has compiled an overview of the various employment opportunities for students, which may help you in your decision.

Information on health insurance: All students, regardless of the type of work they do, must have statutory or private health insurance. The following applies here: Up until their 25th birthday, students are covered free of charge by their family’s insurance (and possibly longer, e.g. through a working spouse). As a rule, contributions must be paid into a (statutory or private) student health insurance scheme from the age of 25 (up to a maximum of 30 years old or the 14th semester); an extension may be possible in certain circumstances. The monthly costs for student health insurance amount to approx. €100 (information supplied without guarantee; please contact your relevant health insurance company for more information).

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