Servicestelle Studium mit Beeinträchtigung

In order to perceive, support and improve the special needs of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, the SmB service office coordinates all relevant tasks of a barrier-free everyday university life:

Support for prospective students and students

  • Advice on all questions related to studying
  • Information events
  • Procurement and rental of aids
  • Barrier-free campus tours
  • Provision of information on the barrier-free campus

Support for lecturers

  • Advice on barrier-free university didactics
  • Advice on the implementation of disadvantage compensation 
  • Provision of accessible materials and organization of modified examination conditions

Support for the representative for the interests of disabled and chronically ill students

  • in advising those seeking advice
  • in the conception and organization of events
  • in the strategic and conceptual development of support services



Have you encountered barriers in your everyday life at the University of Paderborn? 

Please report them to us so that we can work together to remove them.

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Kathrin Weber

Student Advice Centre

Service Center Studying with Impairment

Write email +49 5251 60-5498
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