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You have (almost) finished your studies?! Now it's time to find a job that suits you, your qualifications, and your financial expectations. For all graduates, starting a career is an exciting, sometimes challenging process; for graduates with an impairment, it is sometimes even more difficult, even if job advertisements contain the addition: "Severely disabled persons are preferred with equal qualifications".

We inform you here about career guidance offers, counseling centers, bridging opportunities and special assistance:


Workshops und Lectures

In addition, the  Career Service offers all students of the University of Paderborn numerous events and advice on the topics of application and career entry. In addition, company visits are organized and contact opportunities with potential employers are made possible.


A doctorate is possible in all study programs after a successfully completed university degree (diploma or master's degree). Find out in time about the requirements and funding opportunities requirements and funding opportunities at the University of Paderborn.


Talent program and job exchange myAbility

As the first barrier-free career program, myAbility supports students and academics with disabilities in their career planning. The companies looking for employees at myAbility are explicitly interested in applicants with disabilities. In addition, myAbility brings you together with companies in numerous major cities, such as Munich, Hamburg or Berlin, as part of a talent program.

At myAbility Jobportal, you can search specifically for open job offers.


iXnet is the network of and for academics with disabilities. You can get advice on individual questions about finding a job, funding opportunities or starting a business, exchange ideas with others in forums or take part in the mentoring program. iXnet cooperates with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

Central Foreign and Specialist Placement Office of the Federal Employment Agency

The Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency provides individual support for severely disabled graduates and clarifies the respective options for support and financial assistance.   

The graduates can receive advice from the Employer Service regarding application documents, application strategies, funding opportunities, labor market analysis, etc. During this consultation process, the personal qualifications of the graduates are also taken into account. During this consultation process, the job seeker's personal qualifications, ideas and interests are also addressed individually.

Furthermore, the ZAV submits suitable job offers, carries out targeted job acquisition in the nationwide network of companies and organizations, and opens up additional employment opportunities by initiating projects.

Self-test: Am I saying it?

As part of a project at the University of Cologne, information and a self-test were developed on how to deal with one's own impairment in professional life, which can also be helpful for students or prospective academics.As part of a project at the University of Cologne, information and a self-test were developed on how to deal with one's own impairment in professional life, which can also be helpful for students or prospective academics. The self-test helps to find an individual path between concealing and disclosing a health impairment at work (or during studies). Decisions are often difficult, especially for people with mental and chronic-somatic illnesses that are not immediately recognizable to third parties, and are accompanied by fear of stigmatization and discrimination. The website and its contents were developed and implemented by scientific staff of the Chair of Work and Vocational Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Cologne.


Kathrin Weber

Student Advice Centre

Service Center Studying with Impairment

Kathrin Weber
+49 5251 60-5498

Office hours:

by appointment. 

Please contact me by e-mail to make an appointment.

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