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Inclusive Get-Together: a meeting for students with and without impairment(s).

The Central Student Advisory Service and the AStA Social Office cordially invite all students of the University of Paderborn to the "Inclusive Get-Together: a meeting for students with and without impairment(s)". The Get-Together is a casual, open and confidential round of talks. It is designed for students with and without health impairment(s). Conversations may be related to studies or may be of a private nature.

The goal of the Inclusive Get-Together is to establish contacts and new friendships between students. At the same time, the meeting also serves to learn more about the areas of work and support possibilities of the AStA Social Office and the Service Center Studies with Impairment. Of course, questions and suggestions are welcome.
We are looking forward to a pleasant, informative and interesting exchange with you!

Target group: students of all study programs and semesters

Next date: more information will follow

Location: -

Registration does not obligate you to attend the event.


Kathrin Weber

Student Advice Centre

Service Center Studying with Impairment

Kathrin Weber
+49 5251 60-5498

Office hours:

by appointment. 

Please contact me by e-mail to make an appointment.

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