Katzen ge­gen Uni-Stress

This semester, the Service Agency for Studies with Disabilities is organizing the event "Katzen gegen Uni-Stress" for the first time in cooperation with the Paderborn Animal Shelter!

Welcome are all students who long for a balance from the university stress, because during the contact with animals feel-good hormones are released, which demonstrably reduce tension. Plus, you'll be doing something good at the same time as the animals get used to human contact, increasing their chances of being placed in a nice home!

How does the event work?
We meet together in front of the I-building of the university and then take the bus to the animal shelter in Paderborn. There, the cats of the animal shelter are waiting for us and are happy to be petted.

Target group: Students of all study programs and semesters


To register for the event, please click here.